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How to Begin a Successful Acting Career in 4 Key Steps

Many people dream of becoming a successful actor/actress, but with an industry that is so vast and highly confusing, it is very hard to know how to begin! With my experience, I have learned that these four steps can put you on the right track and save a lot of time for someone beginning an acting career.  I suggest following a 4 week plan by dedicating yourself to completing one step per week This way you can gradually learn and have fun pursuing an amazing and rewarding acting career.

Step 1.  Decide what type of Actor you want to be in DETAIL!

As I stated before, the industry is so vast! There is so much more to acting than being a Hollywood film star! That is why it is important to understand what type of actor you see yourself being.  The best way to do this is to close your eyes and visualize your dream acting career for 60 seconds, and then write it all down in detail explaining exactly what you saw.  If you have trouble visualizing, you can easily just write down what you want out of your acting career instead.  Whether it be how you see your career unfolding, how you end up getting your first break, every detail counts!  Some major types of acting roles are for theater, television, commercial, and film. Some small types of acting roles may include being an extra, stand in, or stunt man.

Step 2. Research your acting career choice.

That's right! Research is key!  You can save a lot of time as a beginning actor by just taking the time to actually research your preferred career choice.  Many beginning actors are highly impatient and end up getting into a career path that they are not happy with. For example, why run to a theater audition when you want be a film actor?  (Not saying that there is something seriously wrong with this, but you should make it a priority to research your preferred career choice and make sure that the actions you take are prevalent to your choice.)  The easiest way to begin to research your preferred career path is to look up successful people that you admire in your field, and to see the steps that they took to get where they want to be. You can also watch interviews, read books, articles, magazines, and follow people who are successful in your preferred career choice. This will help you to stay up to date on what is currently going on in your field.

Step 3. Find a mentor who is successful in your preferred career path and who is willing to guide you in the right direction. 

After you have decided what type of actor you want to be, it is time to find a mentor who is successful in your career choice.  It is one of the most beneficial steps for a beginning actor to find a mentor that can help them build their craft and guide them in the right direction.  Having a mentor can also help build your confidence  in your craft and save you a lot of time in the long run.  An acting mentor can be a personal acting instructor, teacher, coach, or even a school! It is all about finding someone to put and keep you on the right track.  You can visit http://takelessons.com/ to find reliable instructors in your area.

Step 4. Practice Acting!
That's right! Practice makes perfect! At this point you are very clear of what type of actor you want to be and where you see yourself going.  You have researched your career choice, understand how much work must be done, and have found a mentor to guide you on your journey!  So now it is time to actually act!!  A lot of beginning actors tend to feel comfortable with just calling themselves an actor, but do not actually make time to hone their craft. Other beginners may just run to auditions in the hopes that it may turn out well, but haven't even taken the time to thoroughly practice and learn the character they are auditioning for. This can be very damaging to your self esteem as it can discourage you to not attend auditions. A fun way to get into the habit of practicing your craft is to read a monologue or scene out loud at least once for 10 minutes a day.  This helps you get your jitters out and to gradually get used to making it a priority to practice every day.  Before you know it, 10 minutes will seem like 10 seconds, and you will be practicing more comfortably for longer periods of time.  I recommend getting to the point where you can practice for at least 30 minutes a day.

If you follow all of these steps patiently and thoroughly, you are well on your way to living the life of your dreams as a successful actor/actress.  I look forward to hearing how these steps have helped your career after 4 weeks! Happy Acting!

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