Friday, February 8, 2013

My Very First Valentine

I believe I was only 3 years old, going on 4 when I first fell in love.  Yes you may be thinking that I fell in love with some guy, girl, or Pokemon (but Vulpix is a sexy ass Pokemon though! )  but, no.  I fell in love with LEGOS!    When my parents bought me Legos, I was automatically addicted to them.  They gave me joy and helped me to expand my creativity.  Playing with Legos gave me no limits.  I saw them as little pieces to an amazing puzzle, that I can shape in any way that I want to.  I was the major piece to the puzzle, and that creative mind set from Legos has now evolved into an even bigger interest.  I am currently making short films and web series, with my camera and imagination being the Legos, and I once again being the piece to bring it all together.  The picture above is a puppet I made named Joe, off of a web series I am making called Bill and Joe (which I will discuss more later).  As you can see,  Joe is in love with food.  Though  I am older and have kind of out grown them, my love for Legos will always be there before anything else.  
So now I ask you, fellow rebels, who or what was your, first Valentine??

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